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Our products meet the requirements of IEC international standard and GB national safety test system.

The product testing centre of Linkpower has a total cover of 500 sq.m. after the optimization according to the evaluation index system of the construction from the provincial quality inspection centre and its related documents. Our centre is equipped with various labs, namely LED comprehensive lab of light, color and electricity, lamps and lanterns safety lab, salt spray testing lab, EMC electronic shielding lab, high and low temperature lab, IK protection grade lab, protection water and dust lab of lamps and lanterns and heat testing lab. The facilities in the center can fully meet the needs of the provincial R&D for test conduction and technology R&D. 

The key equipment of our testing centre are the advanced testing device from the international well-known and acknowledged brands, including EMC test system which meets IEC international standards and GB national safety test system of lamps and lanterns, LED comprehensive test system which can make precise measurements of LED photoelectric parameters and color features, thermal test data acquisition system which can measure and store the multi-channel temperature data of lamps and lanterns simultaneously, high and low temperature test system meeting the requirements of IEC and UL, safety test system of lamps and lanterns meeting the IEC international standards and GB national standards and Electrical performance test system, etc.

Now the test center can basically conduct test on the products and projects of this sector with the strongest testing ability on lamps and lanterns, and the other related products are lighting appliances, lighting control device, and light source, etc.

The provincial test center focuses on the study of advanced test technology and the development of scientific research project. Also it fully makes use of the advantages of strong professional technician team and the integration of testing and R&D, mastering the international test technology.