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In the spring of 2015, the Chinese electrical appliances exhibition company From:linkpower | Time:2015-03-25 |View:3231

         The Chinese electrical appliances fair by the China household electrical appliances association was founded in 1992, to undertake ChengShiXie united by Beijing exhibition service co., LTD.Is the home appliance industry specifications of the highest large comprehensive exhibition.After 20 years precipitation, has become the largest domestic, the strongest appeal and the widest influence comprehensive confortec, and famous in the whole world, whether in the peak or in trouble, all become firmly home appliance display, communication and cooperation of enterprises, in the stage, domestic and foreign well-known home appliance enterprises and brands has been a guest of the fair.

       Through the electrical appliances expo yu Yang subsidiary shows the general dealers and customers yu Yang electronic main products: electric heater, electric heating, at the same time through the communication, a potential customer information collection, to learn more about the latest quotation of electric heating products.